Titan™ Finish

Titan™ Finish is our revolutionary finishing process that provides a consistent matte finish over the entire Long Tube Headers exhaust. This finish not only makes the exhaust look great, but it extends the life of the exhaust by strengthening the metal and welds.


TruDual™ exhausts have two pipes coming out of the muffler, rather than the typical “split y” pipe that many other exhaust companies create. This results in an axle back that fits and sounds better than OEM.


Scorpion™ equipped exhausts are made for the perfect balance of tone and noise level. These exhaust systems incorporate our version of a helmholtz resonator and cancel the unpleasing exhaust note frequencies. The result is an aggressive, yet highly refined exhaust note.

Ball Socket Clamps

In order to reduce the weight of exhausts and achieve the perfect fitment, we use ball socket clamps. These clamps reduce weight because only one clamp is needed where previously two would be used. These clamps also allow for more adjustability, and can ensure that your exhaust will fit perfectly. This method allows for adjustability without sacrificing a seal.

OEM Connectivity

LTH designs all of our exhaust components to fit OEM parts, so you can upgrade your exhaust at your own pace. No longer are you forced to buy a full exhaust at once, just because you want to unlock more power from a headers swap. Long Tube Headers exhaust components use the OEM fitting locations to allow your exhaust system to be upgraded modularly.

CAD Designed Flanges

At Long Tube Headers, we design all of our flanges in CAD to ensure perfect fitment and optimize flow. Going the extra mile to perfect every aspect of our exhaust systems is what sets LTH apart.