S197 Mustang Mods

Gen 1 Coyote Mods

The S197 Mustang really steps up the game for Ford’s pony car. Mustangs are always fun, but the S197 elevates this to a new level. Thanks to the amazing Gen 1 Coyote, the GT has unmatched performance with just a few mods.

Choosing the right mods for your Mustang S197 can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve broken everything down.

S197 Axle Back Exhaust

An axle back exhaust is one of the first mods for many S197 owners. This is for good reason too, it sounds awesome. The Gen 1 Coyote has a great sound, but it’s muffled far too much from the factory. With an axle back, you can unleash that sound and some performance for a reasonable price. In addition, this is an easier part to install than any other exhaust component.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why an axle back is such a popular choice for S197 Mustangs. This exhaust is a great way to dip your toes into the modding world and see if you need to add more. Our exhaust systems are designed to be modular, so you can always add an axle back now and come back for the mid exhaust and headers at a later date.

S197 Mid Exhaust

Our mid exhaust solution for the Mustang S197 comes in two flavors. For those that have an LTH axle back, we offer the Mid Exhaust System. This will mate perfectly to your LTH axle back, but will not fit the stock axle back.

If you haven’t changed out your stock axle back and want to add some more sound, you need our resonator delete. The S197 resonator delete is the choice for people that want to keep their factory axle back, but want more sound. This is a good solution for cars that have a factory valved exhaust, as it won’t delete your active exhaust.

S197 Cat Back Exhaust

When you want a bit more power and sound than an axle back, a cat back exhaust is the solution. The cat back exhaust extends from the factory headers all the way back to the exhaust tips. This includes both our axle back system along with a mid exhaust pipe. The results is more power and more sound from a refined exhaust system.

Our cat back systems fit both the factory headers and our own headers. When you need the best sound for your Mustang, the LTH cat back is the way to go.

Gen 1 Coyote Cat Back Exhaust

The 2011-2014 Gen 1 Coyote has two cat back options, Race and Street. The race exhaust is for the enthusiast that wants the most power and aggressive sound possible. This exhaust features no resonator or muffler and is made for maximum performance.

The Gen 1 Coyote Street Cat Back has mufflers and offers a more civilized and refined tone. Either exhaust is an excellent solution and will bring your Gen 1 Coyote to life.

S197 Headers

When you want the ultimate in power and sound, you need headers. Our S197 headers fit both the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Coyote. Our design for the S197 headers allows them to fit perfectly and perform flawlessly. Like all of our exhaust products, these headers feature our Titan finish.

LTH Exhaust headers are the last header that you’ll need to purchase for your Mustang.

S197 X-Pipes

In addition to a set of headers, you’ll need x-pipes to uncork the power from your Mustang S197. Our x-pipes are available in both catted and catless configurations and perfectly complement a set of LTH headers.

S197 Mods – Gen 1 Coyote

Sometimes you just need that one finishing touch to set your build off. We’re biased, but we think that our Patriot Series exhaust tips are just the piece. These exhaust tips feature a laser engraved American flag on a black powder coated tip. Available for both single and dual exhausts, these are the finest exhaust tip available.