Ford F-150 Mods

The Ford F-150 is a formidable platform straight from the factory. We’re lucky to have the tried and true Coyote 5.0L available from the factory. This engine has tons of horsepower and torque and an incredible sound, especially when it’s combined with an LTH exhaust.

Let That V8 Breathe Freely

Headers are one of the most important Ford F-150 Mods that you can do. Headers add more horsepower than any other section of the exhaust and they sound fantastic, even with a stock cat back exhaust. We offer headers with available catalytic converters, as well as purely off road race headers.

The Coyote F-150 V8 has an amazing sound, thanks to it’s 5.0L. Also headers are one of the best mods on this platform, as it gives you more power. Combine this with the incredible sound and you have a winner. Accordingly modifying the catback section of the exhaust will give you more sound, but the headers are really where the power is at.

Certainly Headers free up a lot of power, especially when the car has a tune for the added airflow. Consequently the same is true for the F-150 Coyote Headers. Truly any Coyote F-150 V8 can benefit from a set of proper headers. Free up your horsepower and let that V8 sing!

Make That Coyote Sing

It’s a known fact that V8’s always sound good and the Coyote is one of the best sounding ones available today. Luckily this engine is available on the Ford F-150 and it can sound amazing with an exhaust system. We offer a full cat back exhaust for the Ford F-150, which will add both power and incredible sound.

The V8 Coyote F-150 sounds incredible, even in stock form. The only problem is that noise is way too quiet. LTH uncorks the Gen 3 Coyote and lets this incredible motor sing the way that it should from the factory. With a simple axle back exhaust, your F-150 can go from bland to unreal in an afternoon. For many F-150 owners, an exhaust is the first modification. This is for good reason, as the Coyote  sounds amazing. Additionally, your F-150 can pick up some more horsepower in the process.

While a cat back is mostly done for sound, it can make some real power when combined with the right pieces. LTH designs exhaust systems to be as modular as possible. What this means is you can buy an axle back now and down the line add in the mid exhaust and headers. Combined with headers and a mid exhaust, this axle back will really sing. The Coyote engine makes the right noise when you give it a chance. Uncork your F-150’s exhaust today!